Deliverables of A QAAF's Project Reach International Advanced Level

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The Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province organized relevant experts to evaluate the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) project “Fructan metabolism physiological response of Jerusalem artichoke under drought stress, the fructan biosynthesis enzymes gene cloning and functional verification”, which was completed under the auspices of Qinghai Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (QAAF). The expert committee unanimously agreed to accept the project deliverables and considered reaching the advanced international level.

By implementing water stress at the seedling stage of Jerusalem artichoke with different genotypes, the project investigated the morphology, plant physiological indicators, and fructan-related indicators at various stages of stress and correlation analysis. It preliminarily elucidated the physiological level of fructan synthesis and transport and the response mechanism of fructan metabolism under drought stress. The project also cloned and analysed the structure and spatiotemporal expression characteristics of two essential fructan synthesis enzyme genes, isolated the promoter sequences of the two genes, and verified their activities. At the same time, the project verified its function in fructan anabolism and drought resistance by overexpression in the transformation of tobacco, which is the first time to reveal the mechanism of fructan anabolism in Jerusalem artichoke at the molecular level and further deepen the understanding of plant fructans. Nine papers were published during the project period, including three in SCI journals and six in CSCD journals; 3 masters were trained.

Written by: Qinghai Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences

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