Xining Foreign Affairs Office Arranging International Students to Participate in the Winter Activities of “Supporting Winter Olympics”

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The themed activity of Cheering for the Success of Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Sharing the Charm of Winter Sports with Foreign Friends was organized by Xining Foreign Affairs Office and co-organized by the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau and the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Xining Public Security Bureau. To boost the success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, enrich their lives during winter vacation, and explore the fun of winter sports, the Foreign Affairs Office of Qinghai Province arranged for international students in Xining to participate in the activity in the afternoon of February 17, 2022. International students of Qinghai University and foreigners in Xining experienced curling together and had a friendly curling competition.


Before the competition, Chinese and foreign players learned the rules, skills, strategies, and tactics of curling under the guidance of a professional coach and had a warm-up. During the competition, players from both sides tried their best to do it and discussed strategies with team members, showing the spirit of teamwork. The competitive atmosphere was animated on the site with applause and cheers from time to time.

After the competition, the international students said that the activity was exciting and allowed them to experience the charm and challenge of winter sports. They felt happy to cheer on Beijing Winter Olympic Games in this way.


                         March 3, 2022