A Drought-resistant Project for Jerusalem Artichoke Completed by Qinghai Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Reached International Advanced Level

Time: 2021-11-23    View:

On October 18, the Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province organized relevant experts to evaluate the results of the self-selected project "Physiological and Molecular Regulatory Mechanisms of Jerusalem Artichoke in Response to Drought Stress" hosted by Associate Researcher Zhao Mengliang of Qinghai Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences. After reviewing the materials and listening to the on-site report, the expert committee agreed to pass the evaluation of the results and confirmed that the study reached the international advanced level.

Through drought stress on jerusalem artichoke Qingyu No. 2, the project has measured the agronomic characters, photosynthetic indexes, cell structure, physiological and biochemical indexes and differential metabolites of Jerusalem artichoke, and identified 236 differential metabolites involved in secondary metabolites and amino acid biosynthesis. It found that metabolites involved in glycolysis, phenol metabolism, tricarboxylic acid cycle, glutamate mediated proline biosynthesis, urea cycle, amino acid metabolism, unsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis and met rescue pathway can respond to drought stress. It analyzed and summarized the metabolic network of Jerusalem artichoke leaves under drought stress for the first time, and screened 17,612 differentially expressed genes, mainly involved in the synthesis of secondary metabolites, photosynthesis, plant circadian rhythm and so on. It also found that many transcription factors of jerusalem artichoke were closely related to drought stress, including NAC, MYB, WRKY, HD-ZIP and bZIP gene families.

During the project period, 6 papers were published (2 on SCI and 2 on CSCD), and 1 master degree candidate and 2 undergraduates were trained. After its implementation, this project has provided technical support to clarify the physiological and molecular regulatory mechanisms of drought resistance in Jerusalem artichoke and the selection and breeding of new drought-resistant varieties of jerusalem artichoke.

(Reported by Horticultural Research Institute, Academy of of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences)